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Sustainable, secure and transparent rewards linked digital insurance

We’re ushering in a digital first transparent insurance experience that rewards users.

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Innovative digital first insurance

Competitive insurance focused on you

By offering a more complete digital experience Babel Cover technology reduces non-value added steps in obtaining a quote, buying a policy and making a claim.

A leaner type of insurance

We’re deploying insanely efficient technologies and operating processes. That means a hassle free added value experience.

Rewarding customers for better risks

Incentivising customers withno-claims rewards for safer cycling builds a naturally safer environment and greater engagement and loyalty between us.

Let's make things clear

Let's make things clear

  • Giving customers greater control
  • Fully transparent experience
  • Reducing non-value added costs

Bike insurance that's outrageously innovative

Your insurer is Atlas who are kindly incubating this pilot to safeguard a compliant product.

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Sustainable. Transparent

Atlas and Babel Cover has partnered with Saġġar as part of a contribution to sustainability efforts. For each bicycle insurance policy sold customers will receive a tree growing kit, or, have a tree planted on their behalf. Saggar is aiming to plant one million native trees in Malta.

Join Team Babel

Babel is an insurance technology firm at the start of its exciting journey and thanks to our friends at Atlas this pilot is made possible.

Join Team Babel, contribute to making future insurance products more awesome!